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Fasting Sugar is Close to Normal

Their names are Mr. Ajay Deshmukh and Mrs. Rohini Deshmukh. His wife has been a diabetic patient for the last 12 years and has been insulin-dependent for the last 5 years. Mr. Ajay was not finding any solution to reduce her sugar levels. her fasting sugar was 300 mg/dl in July. In August, she started following the diet recommended by us along with Diabexy Atta. Her fasting blood sugar level reduced from 300 to 100.

Diabexy's mission is to eradicate diabetes from India like polio and it is possible with the help of knowledge and discipline that's why Diabexy makes educational videos, Diabexy makes food products that have very low glycemic load and also provides free consultations with medical doctors and dietitians. So if you also believe that diabetes can be eradicated then we can work together to eradicate diabetes from India.

Diabexy products are specially designed for diabetics. They help in managing blood sugar levels while supplementing your daily nutritional requirements. With over a decade of research and development to develop low glycemic load food products, we believe that it is possible to reverse diabetes (डायबिटीज रेवेर्सल) with the help of healthy eating habits and disciplined lifestyle.

At Diabexy, we believe it is possible to reverse diabetes with the support of knowledge and discipline. Let's eradicate Diabetes like polio from India. We provide a free consultation with our team of certified dieticians and licensed medical doctors to support your Diabetes Reversal Plan.
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